Univers Poche

  • Fleuve Éditions

    Fleuve Editions

    Created in 1949, Fleuve Éditions has always had a penchant for popular literature. Through multiple mutations, it has retained a sense of curiosity and a desire to share its discoveries, while remaining attentive to the evolution of society and the public's tastes. It launched the phenomenon of "chick lit" in France with Lauren Weisberger's The Devil Wears Prada. Fleuve Éditions publishes broad-based general literature - novels, detective fiction, thrillers, science fiction and fantasy - as well as documents and illustrated books such as the highly successful Simon's Cat.

  • Pocket


    Set up in 1962 under the name of "Presses Pocket", Pocket is a publisher of paperback collections that cover all the different genres of fiction and non-fiction. It is one of France's leading paperback publishers, and its regular growth is a result of ongoing editorial work that aims at diversifying its range of authors, titles and genres, in keeping with its consistently high standards.

  • 10/18


    Created in 1962, 10/18 is justifiably proud of its record in discovering new literary talent. It also has one of the finest catalogues of contemporary literature in paperback by non-French writers. It is widely admired for its detective novels set in the four corners of the world, and in the labyrinths of History.

  • PKJ


    Since its creation in 1994, PKJ has continued to bring the pleasures of reading to younger children and adolescents. It is now among the leading French publishers of fiction in this market.

  • Kurokawa


    Since its creation in September 2005, Kurokawa has become a major actor in the manga market, which now represents sales of more than 10 million volumes each year in France, and has given the comic book a shot in the arm.

  • 12-21


    It was in 2010 that Univers Poche decided to implement a development strategy for its digital products. This involves compiling a strong and high quality catalogue, offering e-readers diversified reading materials in different areas of literature and the human sciences. There is also to be a higher profile for its imprints – 10/18, Fleuve Editions, Pocket and PKJ. The strategy will utilise all the editorial, commercial and marketing possibilities opened up by new technologies.

« With six prestigious imprints, Univers Poche presents a diversified high-level editorial offer, ranging from literature to thrillers, human sciences to best-sellers, spirituality to mangas. Thanks to Univers Poche large publishing expertise, such varied contents are meant to always be in accordance with readers' evolving tastes and our society's cultural trends. Our Editorial Directors, Editors and Heads of Collection all gather the necessary creativity and knowledge of authors and books to continually help develop and revitalize our catalogs, thus ensuring Univers Poche growth.

Our editorial success is also the result of our will to have our books well known among readers, thanks to widely-developed bookseller networks, to creative communication means, to innovative and efficient advertising campaigns and to an Internet-oriented strategy.

With ever-increasing challenging projects, our authors' great talents and the skills and commitment of all UP collaborators, we need to keep moving forward in the coming years, anticipating trends, developing our editorial offer as well as our commercial strategy in order to attract new readers. »

Marie-Christine CONCHON


  • The Executive Board

    • Marie-Christine Conchon


    • François Laurent

      Deputy Managing Director

    • Julie Cartier

      Corporate Secretary

    • Pierre-Adrien Adeline

      General Secretary

    • Emmanuelle Phalippou

      Sales and Marketing


    • Communication

      Anne-France Renaud

      Head of Communications


    • Licensing

      Julie Buffaud

      Licencing and Foreign Rights


      Presentation leaflet

  • The Editorial Directors


    François Laurent

    Adult Division Editorial Director



    Carine Fannius

    Paperback Editorial Director



    Natacha Derevitsky

    Children’s and YA Editorial Director



    François Laurent

    Deputy Managing Director

    Head of digital strategy & development

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